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 MAGZI  becomes   MAGZI  Ltd.

Transformation of  MAGZI into a Public Limited Company.

Decree n° 2019/205 of 24 april 2019

Decree n° 2019/206 of 24 april 2019

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Dear partners,

This message primarily targets economic operators.The Industrial Zones Development and Management Authority, (known by its French acronym MAGZI) is inviting them to access its website.

This website is a vital instrument aimed at providing you with the land information necessary for the realisation of your investment projects in Cameroon.

MAGZI is public body, thus one of the main instrument put in place by the State to foster industrialisation in the country. It has a long-standing and wide-ranging experience in the development and management of industrial zones.

Indeed, the State assigned to MAGZI the mission of providing developed lands necessary for the activities of economic operators, both within and without the country, in the form of a lease and under the best conditions of land security.  

Presently, with a land heritage of more than 1200 ha of land, less than a quarter is effectively developed and occupied by about four hundred enterprises involved in various activities. Thus, Cameroon still possesses great potentials. Besides, the Government provided incentives in order to attract investors, notably through several tax benefits provided for by the Charter of Investors and the setting up of a legal framework ensures the necessary legal and judicial protection for investors.

In conclusion, by opening up to the world through its website, MAGZI, is not only turning modern, but also selling itself by presenting all the great opportunities it can offer to investors willing to partake in the industrial development of Cameroon through their businesses.

Thanks for choosing us and welcome to our website.

The General Manager

Christol Georges MANON


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