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 MAGZI  becomes   MAGZI  Ltd.

Transformation of  MAGZI into a Public Limited Company.

Decree n° 2019/205 of 24 april 2019

Decree n° 2019/206 of 24 april 2019

avis de recrutement ing

Magzi is engaged in the following activities:

  • Development of industrial zones;
  • Management of industrial zones.

    a/. Concerning development:

    Magzi provides developed and equipped lands to investors by:

    • Ensuring the availability of basic infrastructure (road network, sanitary drainage, electricity etc.)
    • Constructing community facilities (social centre, emergency centre, sports facilities, company restaurants, service spaces, etc.);
    • Opening of servicing routes and interconnection networks

     b/. Concerning management

    • The lands developed by Magzi are leased to economic operators and other investors in search of service spaces for their activities in the form of long-term leases with a minimum duration of 25 years renewable by tacit agreement;
    • The lease rates depend on the development level of the lands in question, as well as the nature of planned activities. These rates shall be reviewed every 3 years.