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 MAGZI  becomes   MAGZI  Ltd.

Transformation of  MAGZI into a Public Limited Company.

Decree n° 2019/205 of 24 april 2019

Decree n° 2019/206 of 24 april 2019

avis de recrutement ing


In recent years, MAGZI together with public authorities completed the following major projects:

  • Construction of paved roads of about 1.5 km in the ZIBO;
  • Construction of 500m of paved road in the Bassa Industrial Zone;
  • Development of Bamenda industrial zone along with the construction of a 3.5km bilayer coated roads, electrification through a medium and low-voltage distribution network with two 30Kva transformers, potable water supply network;
  • The gradual tarring of bilayer coated road in the Ngaoundere industrial zone;
  • Technical studies for the development of the Ombe, Ngaoundere, Yaounde-South, Koume-Bonis and Mandjou-Kano industrial zones;
  • Technical studies for the rehabilitation of the Bonaberi and Bassa industrial zones;
  • Construction of sewage network in the Ombe industrial zone;
  • Construction of a medium and low-voltage network in the Yaoundé-South industrial Zone;
  • Construction of a potable water supply network in the Yaoundé South industrial zone;
  • Re-parcelling studies in the Yaoundé South industrial zone;
  • Feasibility study for the creation of Meyomessala industrial zone;
  • Strategic environmental surveys of the Bonaberi and Bassa industrial zones;
  • Social and environmental impact study of the creation of the Bamenda industrial zone.

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