Fire safety: pooling of efforts in preventing and fighting fire incidents in industrial zones

Over the past three years, several companies located in the MAGZI Industrial Zones, notably those of Bonaberi and Bassa in Douala, have been victims of serious fire incidents. The occurrence of these disasters denotes the shortcomings of the affected companies in respecting legal and regulatory requirements, as well as their failure to comply with the specifications and contractual provisions governing their relations with MAGZI in terms of securing their investments.
These disasters have also enabled all the partners to fully perceive the importance of the fire safety issue within companies, particularly with regard to the extremely damaging consequences of these fires on their performance, particularly with regard to their production capacity, not forgetting their social impact. This justifies the organisation on 19 July 2022 by MAGZI, in partnership with
the Organisation of Enterprises of the Industrial Zone of Bassa (EZIMBA), andunder the co-sponsorship of the Ministry of Mines, Industry and TechnologicalDevelopment and the Regional School for Rescue and Firefighting (ERSI-ASECNA), a fire safetyawareness day, bringing together all the stakeholders in the sector to shareexperiences and seek ways and means of dealing more effectively with thesescourges.At the end of the meeting, the participants adopted the following resolutions:

  • Pooling of resources within the framework of a platform bringing together allthe players;
  • Continuous awareness raising and capacity building of company staff onsecurity issues;
  • The scrupulous respect of the current fire safety regulations by the

       And as part of the monitoring of the implementation of these resolutions, a monitoring committee was set up. Ultimately, this meeting revealed the urgent need for companies to make the security of their investments a priority, in particular by working together in preventing and fighting against fires in our industrial zones.

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