The Industrial Zones Development and Management Authority (MAGZI Ltd.) has developed industrial zones of a total surface area of 224ha. This is a call to industrialists to invest in the East. These two industrial zones are specifically located in Koume-Bonis (104ha) and Mandjou-Kano (120ha). MAGZI has already built a road network and an independent power line is underway together with optic fibre and other industrial zones facilities. It is now a question arousing the interest of potential economic and industrial investors to occupy these two developed industrial zones in the city of Bertoua. The prices are just too affordable for everyone: CFA francs 400 per metre square in the city of Bertoua, with an annual payment schedule. Within less than 72 hours, enterprises can be given viable lands that meet standards.
‘It is a matter of promoting a harmonious development of all the regions of the country due to the joint policy of encouraging industrial establishments. Creation of jobs, ease the establishment of industries by suppressing uncertainties, assist in the management of urban areas and the protection of the environment…’ said the Director General of MAGZI. Christol Georges MANON strongly believes that the city of Bertoua has a promising future.

‘Each time I happen to visit the East, I always appreciate the vitality and dynamism of this part of the country’ The potentials of the East Region based on natural resources is enough to state that Bertoua is the future and the heart of the country’s industrialisation. ‘I think that we are on the right track to boost the harmonious development policy dear to the Head of State’ he justified. It was an opportunity for Christol Georges MANON to officially commission the branch and its manager. Hillary Vehyeh Younwi, is a public works civil engineer, appointed as MAGZI Bertoua Branch Manager. As pioneer, he has the challenging task to implement the managerial policy of the hierarchy. Before leaving the East Region, the Mayor of Bertoua reassured the MAGZI boss of the support of the municipality. ‘Bertoua will become the hub of industrialisation’. This will go a long way to create jobs, thus the take-off of local development. The Lom Pangar hydroelectric dam, the creation ofSonamine and the connexion of the East Region to the South interconnected network from Ahala are fundamental assets that can attract investors in Bertoua and its environs. ‘To that effect, the municipal movement intends to support MAGZI in meeting its objectives’. Jean Marie Dimbele gladly said. The local processing of wood may create many more direct and indirect employment.

The reform of the wood sector in Cameroon in the 90s with the objective among others of developing an efficient industrial sector. According to observers, the new reforms of the wood sector are very interesting. With the coming into force of the new law of the Central African Forest Commission (COMIFAC) prohibiting the exhaustive exploitation of round timber from Central Africa, the challenge regarding the redistribution of riches and benefits from the exploitation of natural resources and the Gordian knot of this reform. It is important to indicate that the creation of these wood processing units will positively impact the revenues of green gold exporting countries in terms of GDP. Experts project about 55 thousands direct jobs if wood processing units is done locally. Inevitably, the East Region will benefit from it. Thus, MAGZI is taking this opportunity by developing two industrial zones in Koumé-Bonis and Mandjou-Kano for a total surface area of 224ha. Both sites are ready to welcome industrialists. Where are the industrial investors?

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