Working visit by the MAGZI director general to the administrative and traditional authorities

Within the framework of the creation of the new MAGZI Nomayos industrial zone, the Director General of Industrial Zones Development and Management Authority (MAGZI-Ltd) Christol Georges Manon, paid a working visit on Thursday, 21st March 2024, to the administrative and traditional authorities and the members of the committee set up for that purpose.

This aimed at settling the compensations paid to victims of properties destruction and rights loss in development work, and to take some steps so as to move any illegal inhabitant from the chosen area. Moreover, to carry out an inspection in the site and get a first-hand view of boundaries of the industrial zone.

During the discussions, the Mefou and Akono Senior Divisional Officer, Antoinette Justine Zongo, focused on the progress of the compensations. She said to the matter that, the compensation process was nearly over. Transfers of 25 million entitled to beneficiaries awaiting the inheritance judgement have been made. MAGZI is soon to start the development work. Socioeconomic studies have been launched and are nearly complete. Else, a business plan for the commissioning of that zone is currently being drawn up.

“I thus urge people who have received compensation from the State to take steps in order to vacate the site,” said the Director General. Besides, he deplored the recidivist actions of some families that had benefited from compensation, but still raise buildings illegally and at their own expense, in the demarcated zone.

As a reminder, the State had paid, more than 1,629,898,525 CFA francs to 135 beneficiaries, as compensation. There are only 25 people left to compensate, including two large families whose situation is still pending, given that the local Senior Divisional Officer has set up a committee in charge of identifying the beneficiaries to whom those families have sold their lands. While awaiting the final payment to the families, which is of 25 million, the Mefou and Akono Senior Divisional Officer is already expressing her satisfaction to MAGZI, on what she calls a successful compensation process, on the one hand, and, on the other hand, is urging the families who have benefited from their compensation to leave the premises before works begin.

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